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Lost and Crazy

Lost and Crazy, a multifandom RP site
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This is a site constructed to give our RPing a bit of formality when the site we were at became a bit too much to handle. I'm Charlie Pace, your resident bass guitarist and webmaster. Suck up to my ego, or just suck... never mind. and you can do whatever you want. Anyone from anywhere is welcome, as long as you play nice.

To join: send me an email at elfotheriddermark@yahoo.com and tell me who the character is and from what fandom. I'll approve you, if it's not overlapping someone, and let you in.

1. You MUST make an intro post. Lurkers are not... well... encouraged. This place is for playing, not watching. We like to know who's hanging around. So the intro's mandatory. You can lurk after that, I can't stop you. But you can't claim a character that someone else might want and then NEVER post.
2. Every so often I will post a discussion topic. You must either write a reply or creatively compliment me to my ego's satisfaction.
3. You CAN play multiple characters. But just to make it easy on me, start with one or two, then add more after you've been playing for awhile. Unless, of course, you've talked to me and I've said it's ok.
4. Any questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask. I'll probably look blank for a minute and say "I don't know," but I WILL answer it after I figure it out.
More rules might be added if I feel like it. Thanks. Ask him. The blank look is so adorable. Bite me, Sayid. Where and when, love?


Oh, and a little P.S. warning: This site is bound to have NC-17 material, het and slash. If you don't like that, you shouldn't play here. We'll miss you, but we don't want to offend anyone. So bugger off.

If you have any problems with the rules, just drop a note at my journal, and, if your point is valid, I will hack into Charlie's journal again and fix things for you. - Sayid.

Characters taken:

Boone (best_blue_eyes)
Claire (aussiepblover)
Charlie (track3driveshft)
Liam (theprettysinger)
Megan (wizardmegan)
Sawyer (rightbehindya)
Sayid (sayid)
Shannon (blue_eyedsecret)
Queer as Folk
Brian Kinney (darker_flames)
House, MD
House (gotcanewillpoke)
Tony (chicago_pride)
Nick Stokes (nickcsiguy)

Ian Somerhalder (summer_boy)
Emilie de Ravin (de_ravin)
(Loosely) Viggo Mortensen/Satan (viggomortesatan)
Josh Holloway (vial_of_glitter)
Karl Urban/Death (deadlykiwi)
Linda Cardellini (whenisay)

Bedlam's Bard
Eric Banyon (nybard)
The Black Jewels Trilogy
Lucivar (hell_on_wings)
Daemonar (daemonar)
Deep End of the Ocean
Vincent "Reese" (azure_tm_soul)
Lord of the Rings
Guthlaf (guthlafofedoras)Charlie, love, make sure the name is right. Fuck off, Sayid. It's just Guthy...
Heralds of Valdemar
Vanyel Ashkevron (vanaske)
Petulia, the Goddess of Negotionable Affection (templover)
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley (bestweasley)

The Faculty
Stokely (darkerblack)
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Jane (mrsjanesmith)

Original Characters:
Devin (devinwizard)
Aidan (aoutlaw321) (Highlander Universe)
Evan O'Connor (itoleratesappho) (Ergophobia)
Dan O'Carroll (danocarroll) (Ergophobia)
Jerosia (jerosia_tahoma)
Shane (shane_pyrogeek)